42nd International Symposium On Forecasting

ISF 2022 | Oxford, England | July 10-13

The ISF offers unique, tailored workshops for symposium registrants. These workshops offer the opportunity to participate in an in-depth look at a specific forecasting theme.

Workshops will take place on Sunday, July 10th. There is a fee of US$75 or 150 per workshop. When registering for the symposium, you will be given the option to sign up.

Workshop 1

Deep Learning for Forecasting

Instructors: Tim Januschowski, Zalando; Kashif Rasul, Morgan Stanley; Lorenzo Stella, Amazon Development Center

Workshop 2

Judgment in forecasting – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Instructors: Shari De Baets, Ghent University; Anna Sroginis, Lancaster University

Workshop 3

The Future of Forecasting with Neural Networks

Instructor: Hans Georg Zimmerman, Fraunhofer Society

Workshop 4

Business Forecasting: Techniques, Application and Best Practices

Instructors: Sarah Darin and Eric Stellwagen, Business Forecast Systems

Workshop 5

Forecasting Correlations: a state of the art for risk management

Instructor: Malvina Marchese, Cass Business School

Workshop 6

Forecasting to Meet Demand

Instructors: Stephan Kolassa and Roland Martin, SAP