Gerd Gigerenzer

Director, Harding Center for Risk Literacy
University of Potsdam and Max Planck Institute for Human Development

Presentation: Psychological AI: Simplicity and Transparency in Prediction
June 28, 14:00 UTC

David Hendry

Senior Research Fellow, Professor of Economics
University of Oxford, Nuffield College

Clive Granger Memorial Speaker: Forecasting Climate Change, Pandemics and Economics
June 30, 14:00 UTC

Yongmiao Hong

Special-term Professor of Economics
University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, School of Economics and Management

Presentation: Modelling and Forecasting Interval-valued Data: Theory and Applications
June 29, 08:00 UTC

Nicholas G. Reich

Associate Professor
University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Presentation: The computational science of infectious disease forecasting
June 29, 14:00 UTC

Nada Sanders

Distinguished Professor of Supply Chain Management
Northeastern University, D’Amore-McKim School of Business

Presentation: Humachine: Humankind, Machines, and the Future of Enterprise
June 28, 22:00 UTC

Galit Shmueli

Distinguished Professor of Business Analytics
National Tsing Hua University

IJF Editor’s Invited Talk: Improving” Prediction of Human Behavior Using Behavior Modification
June 30, 08:00 UTC


Alla Anashenkova, Head of Product
ThroughPut Inc

Presentation: Winning Strategies To Optimize Product-Mix Using AI-powered Demand Forecasting
June 28, 17:30 UTC

Patrick Bower, Sr. Director, Global Supply Chain Planning & Customer Service
Combe International

Presentation: How Does S&OP Integrate with an Organization’s Strategy
June 30, 13:00 UTC

Simon Clarke, Principal
Argon & Co

Presentation: One number forecasting – can we realistically expect to align on a single number?
June 30, 13:30 UTC

Ran Ding, Staff Software Engineer

Presentation: YouTube infrastructure capacity forecasting
June 29, 18:00 UTC

Stefa Etchegaray Garcia, Head of Data Science
IBM Chief Analytics Office

Presentation: Forecasting at scale at IBM’s Chief Analytics Office
June 29, 18:30 UTC

Jonathon Karelse, CEO
NorthFind Management

Presentation: Trust, But Verify: Using BE to Improve the Integration of Judgment in Forecasting
June 28, 23:30 UTC

Sara Park, VP Executive S&OP, Forecasting CoE and Supply Chain Planning

Presentation: Fundamentals of Effective Forecasting Process and Supporting Technology
June 29, 15:00 UTC

Nitzi Roehl, Sr. Manager Analytical Consulting

Presentation: Large-Scale New Product Forecasting: A Machine Learning-Based Approach
June 28, 17:00 UTC

Niels van Hove, Engagement Principal
Aera Technology

Presentation: Cognitive automation in supply chain planning & forecasting
June 28, 23:00 UTC

Dawn Woodard, Senior Director of Data Science

Presentation: Map Technologies for Ride-Hailing
June 29, 15:30 UTC