42nd International Symposium On Forecasting

ISF 2022 | Oxford, England | July 10-13


Yael Grushka-Cockayne

Professor of Business Administration, Darden School of Business, University of Virginia

International Journal of Forecasting Editor’s Invited Talk: Communication of Uncertainty

Massimiliano Marcellino

Professor of Econometrics, Bocconi University

Arnold Zellner Memorial Keynote Address: How to handle the COVID-19 pandemic period in macroeconomic forecasting models?

Ruud Teunter

Professor of Operations Management, University of Groningen

Presentation: Forecasting for inventory control

Mihaela van der Schaar

John Humphrey Plummer Professor of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Medicine, University of Cambridge

Presentation: New frontiers in time-series forecasting using machine learning

Johanna Ziegel

Professor of Applied Stochastics, University of Bern

Presentation: Valid sequential inference on forecast performance


Stephan Kolassa

Data Science Expert, SAP

Practitioner Keynote Speaker: Everything you ever wanted to know about forecasting in retail (and more)

Polly Mitchell-Guthrie

VP of Industry Outreach and Thought Leadership, Kinaxis

Practitioner Keynote Speaker: In the spirit of Box: Useful models need more information to deliver business value

Mark Chockalingham

Founder & President, Valtitude

Presentation: Sales and Operations Execution – systematic execution of the Plan under the S&OP umbrella

Shari De Baets

Senior Post-doctoral Researcher, Ghent University

Presentation: Man versus Machine: Enemy or Ally

Elaine Deschamps

Executive Director, Washington State Caseload Forecast Council

Presentation: Collaborative Forecasting during COVID-19: Lessons Learned from Budget Forecasting in Washington State

Skander Hannachi

AI/ML Cloud Architect, Google

Presentation: Best Practices for Running Global Time Series Models

Jonathon Karelse

CEO, NorthFind Management

Presentation: Toward Unbiased Outcomes: Behavioral Economics and Judgment in Forecasting

Steve Morlidge

Director, Satori Partners Ltd.

Presentation: Using Fuzzy Sets to deal with Uncertainty and Imprecision

Trevor Sidery

Lead Forecasting Data Scientist, Tesco PLC

Presentation: Explaining why the forecast didn’t match reality