26-28 October, 2020 GMT*

LIVE invited talks

Monday, 26 October

21:05-21:55 Rob J Hyndman, Monash University, Australia
22:05-22:55 COVID-19 panel session
23:05-23:45 Ginger Holt and Italo Lima, Facebook (Practitioner session)

Tuesday, 27 October

20:15-20:55 Varunraj Valsaraj, SAS (Practitioner session)
21:05-21:55 Andrew Harvey, University of Cambridge, UK
22:05-22:55 Esther Ruiz Ortega, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
23:05-23:45, Chris Fry and Casey Lichtendahl, Google (Practitioner session)

Wednesday, 28 October

20:15-20:55 Spyros Makridakis & Evangelos Spiliotis, M5 Competition (Practitioner session)
21:05-21:55 Henrik Madsen, Technical University of Denmark
22:05-22:55 Thordis L. Thorarinsdottir, Norwegian Computing Center (tbd)
23:05-23:45 Edwin Ng & Fritz Obermeyer, Uber (Practitioner session)

LIVE organised and contributed sessions
We will provide the platform for all sessions to be live covering all international time zones. All sessions will be recorded and be made available on our website allowing for post-talk feedback, comments, questions, and discussions. The option of uploading a pre-recorded talk will be available for participants in challenging time zones.
* times subject to change