43rd International Symposium on Forecasting

Charlottesville, Virginia USA | June 25-28

University of Oxford, Exam School | July 10th, 10am – 5pm

While there is a growing recognition by agencies, organizations, and governments that data-driven decision-making tools, like forecasting models, can offer significant improvements to the societies they are working to improve, there is not a cohesive body of research that offers guidance on how to best implement, understand, use, and evaluate forecasting methods for societal impact in practice. The goal of this workshop is to improve the research and practice in issues related to forecasting for social good by: facilitating interactions between practitioners, researchers, and policy makers to develop a cohesive and sustainable network of international collaborations with a focus on issues related to forecasting for social good; promoting the development of new methodology and metrics to address the specific challenges related to forecasting for social good; providing professional development to policy makers; gaining a better understanding of the available data, challenges in data acquisition, and the uncertainty present in the data used to produce forecasts; and, addressing the ethical issues related to the use of forecasting methods for problems that impact society.

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Organizers: Buket Cilali, University of Oklahama; Ahmed Aziz​ Ezzat​, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey; Michael Porter, University of Virginia; Bahman Rostami-Tabar Cardiff University

Workshop Program

Featured Speakers

Rob Hyndman, Monash University
How forecasters can create social good

Yael Grushka-Cockayne, University of Virginia

Elizabeth Lacroix, SPI
Demand Forecasting for New Contraceptive Technologies: Identifying Common Approaches and Recommended Applications

Maarten van Smeden, University Medical Center, Utrecht


Session #1: Forecasting for vaccines | Chair: Laila Akhlaghi | JSI

Session #2: Forecasting for International migration and cross-border mobility | Chair: Ingmar G. Weber, Qatar Computing Research Institute